If you’re bringing in a steady flow of leads for your business, then you are well on your way to success.

The next step is to convert those leads into sales. 

But this can often be more challenging than getting their email in exchange for free stuff. 

So how do you convince your leads to take action and buy from you?

Use this 3-part conversion formula to help your leads take action and buy from you. 

What’s in it for me?

This is the first question you need to answer when you are moving someone towards a buying decision. 

Answering this question correctly will ignite their desire for whatever you are asking them to do. 

Be sure to paint a clear picture of how taking action will help improve their lives. 

A great place to start is by showing your understanding of their problem both surface level and emotional. 

If you can paint a clear picture of the problem they are facing, you remind them of the pain they are experiencing while also showing that you understand their problem and know how to help. 

Then show them how taking action will help solve their problem and help them achieve what they want. 

Creating a clear contrast between where they are now with the problem they are facing and what their life will be like when they take action to solve it is essential to getting sales.

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Make it Make Sense

While people buy with emotion, they use logic  to justify their actions and purchases.

After you lead with benefits that stir their emotions, help them justify the decision to move forward with you. 

This helps establish trust so that people feel more comfortable believing they will get what you are promising when they buy. 

One of the most effective ways to do this is through testimonials

For most people, seeing a success story from someone they can relate to helps them visualize themselves getting the result that they want and trust that you can deliver for them too. 

Feel free to provide some evidence in the form of relevant data and facts to explain why your solution works and support your claims. 

Another way to help them justify action is by borrowing authority from other sources. 

Using quotes and findings from established influencers, trusted sources, or industry experts will help boost authority and make it easier to trust you.

Giving people a logical reason to believe your offer can make their lives better is essential when persuading them to take action. 

The “Fear Factor”

“People are more motivated by the fear of loss than the promise of gain” – Keala Kanae

You may assume that the chance to improve a person’s life is enough motivation to take action.

But unfortunately, we just aren’t wired that way. 

Even though your leads and prospects may want what you have to offer, if left to their own devices they will likely choose to “think about it”, which means procrastinating and putting it off until they forget you even exist. 

That means all the emotion you’ve stirred up and the trust you’ve built will go to waste. 

So how do you overcome that natural wiring?

You don’t.

You simply make it work FOR you. 

Limiting your offer instantly adds an element of scarcity for anyone who is interested. 

If they know that putting off action means they might miss out, this little bit of “fear” can give them the extra kick they need to buy. 

You can do this by creating a time limit: 

“This offer will only be available for the next 48 hours so act now”

That way they realize that waiting means losing out on something they want. 

You can also limit supply. For example: 

“There are only 100 units of (your product) left. Once they’re sold out, it’s gone for good. Demand has been through the roof so order yours now before it’s too late!”

You can also use limited-time bonus offers or special pricing to spark the fear of loss in leads and prospects and get them to take action instead of putting it off. 

Fear of missing out motivates people to take action.
Fear of missing out motivates people to take action.


Use this 3 part formula to help you convert your leads into buyers. 

Build desire by reminding them of the pain and problem they are facing and how your offer is the best solution. 

Help them justify the decision to buy by providing testimonials and evidence and back up your claims. 

Then, use the fear of loss to help people over the finish line instead of staying comfortable and putting off action. 

Using this formula will give you a reliable way to keep your leads buying. 

Are there any other strategies that might help you with your business?

Drop a comment to let us know what you’d like to learn. 

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