As internet marketers, we use the same marketing techniques over and over.. Wash, rinse, and repeat gets results. Using these same methods repeatedly will get redundant to your audience after a period of time. 

This is where we need to think outside of the box. You don’t want to bore your customers with the same type of emails over and over. There are a bunch of other marketing strategies you can use. Not only will your audience not get bored, but you also will not get bored creating content.

We are going to go over my favorite marketing strategies. So let’s dive in!


This is a solid way to distribute complicated information in a visual and easy to understand format. 19% of internet marketers use this method.

Visual content is more fun than an email. It presents the information in a useful way. Due to time constraints, someone may not have time to sit and read a full report. 

With this, you can give all the information. They are quicker to read, not to mention fun and quick to make. 

Interviews with Leaders

Interviewing industry leaders is a great marketing strategy. Leaders normally have a huge following of their own. Conduct an interview and put it on your blog. 

This is a great way to expand your audience. It’s also not a difficult thing to do. Find some leaders in your niche and contact them. You can schedule a one on one or send them your questions and have them answer them.

Once you complete this process, post it to your blog. Make sure once you share it to tag the leader in it. Followers of the leader will potentially read it. If you have good content, they will more than likely check out your other stuff.

This strategy is a good way to get different eyes on your blogs or pages.

Video Series

These are great. I have personally used this approach often. 88% of marketers all agree videos produce an ROI. The best thing is you can do this for free.

The videos can be about anything related to your niche or personal brand. Training videos are a great thing to produce. Once you make one, post it to your social media page and make a YouTube channel.

There are a few ways of doing this. You can record yourself talking on a subject. This is free. I myself use Powtoon. It’s a monthly fee, but as many videos as I pump out in a year it's worth it. 

Use Apps for Content Planning

Conversational marketing is as important as social media marketing. This is a great way to reach audiences. Most companies use emails and chatbots. There are apps that are far better than these.

Whatsapp is the best app in the world for this. It also has an accompanying business app. This enables you to interact with customers on a more personal level. It enables people to be able to message questions straight to you. They can also access your order pages and storefronts.

Using apps like these are amazing. It enables you to text your tribe. If you have a special promotion, webinar, or even a new product launching you can send out a blast. 


Webinars are great. They allow you to show off your expertise in your industry. It’s a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. It provides viewers with an educational presentation. It’s also way cheaper than doing a live conference also.

Invite customers to join! It’s surprising how many people will attend. Everyone loves being able to take their game to the next level. If they learn one piece of info that will help them out, it’s worth it. It’s a good way to get people new to your tribe to get to know you, like you and trust you.


This is one of the most important factors in internet marketing. Only 35% of marketers believe this is important. ROI is important. You need to understand how everything is working together to maximize it.

You need to know what works. More importantly need to know what doesn’t.  This helps you plan out your content and ad spending. Knowing how leads respond to your content and emails are important. This will elevate your marketing game.

Influencer Partnerships

This can get pricey. This, however, is effective. The idea here is to not go after the person with 5 million followers. Go after the person with 10,000 followers.

The smaller the audience the more reach you will actually have. These people have more of a targeted audience. The engagement is higher. The reason for this is that your plug won’t get buried as quickly, as it would with someone with millions of followers.


These used to be the number 1 way of communication years ago. These are still around. These are places where you can go and ask questions and chat with people. Kind of like an email/instant messaging. 

This is a good place to recommend your products. Reddit and Quora are a couple of good places for this. 

Here is an example. Someone is asking about how to create an email list. You happen to have a product with a lead magnet for that. Add a personal response. Make sure to give them your link to your squeeze page.

Not only may you get a new lead, but you may also have made a sale. This is a time-consuming approach, but it can be a great way to drive free traffic.


These are an amazing way to get leads and awesome for engagement. If you have social media you should have a page for yourself or your brand. Ask them a question.

Make your quiz personality-based. It’s a good way to test people’s knowledge in your industry. Ask a question and people will answer. This is popular on Tik-Tok and Facebook currently.

These are also good for landing pages. Instead of just asking for the basic personal information, ask them questions that seem tailored to the niche you are promoting. You will still end up getting a new lead most of the time. Just don’t make it time-consuming. 10 or less questions is a good length.

Interactive Messaging

This is currently hot for social media marketing. This is a good way to get shares of your social media content. Facebook’s live post option is good for this. Tik-Tok is a similar platform as well.

Make a short video. Have text pop up asking a question. Plug a product that you are trying to sell. If it’s a great video people will share it. The beauty of these videos is that when someone comments it goes straight to your inbox. You can personally answer these questions. I wouldn’t advise using your personal social media accounts for this.

So there you have my most underrated strategies for marketing. I am hoping your brain is starting to form some out of the box ideas! ‘Till next time!