“Making money is actually the LEAST valuable thing I got from Keala and his team. What’s more important is who I’ve become along the way. When I got started, my business was failing…and now I am one of the most sought after speakers in my entire industry! If you have a chance to work with Keala, take it!”

Sarah Nelson

“These guys are the real deal. Thanks to what I’m learning from Keala and his programs, I quickly replaced my 6-figure salary at my corporate job (more than doubled it, actually), have written a book, have my own podcast and more! I never could have imagined this is where I’d be today!”

Sandra Tatum

“It definitely didn’t happen overnight like it seems for some folks but because of what I’ve learned from Keala, I’ve done well over a million dollars in sales. Most importantly though, I’ve retired my wife, Wendy, and I work from home with our two boys!”

Paul Woolley

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