Calling All Sales Pros,

This ain't your average sales job (you'll see why in a moment) and we're actively seeking ambitious sales people (i.e. closers) with at least 6 months experience in sales to join our dynamic, fast growing team. 

Listen, we're not going to waste time telling you this is a 6-figure opportunity, because if you're not already committed to making 6-figures or more then click away now.

All others, keep reading...


Before we start working together, maybe we should get to know each other a little. Okay, we'll go first...


We launched in late 2015 and have been growing and adapting ever since, setting records  and raising the bar in our industry. In 2018, our Founders decided to part ways and we spent most of 2019 rebranding (i.e. we're cooler now - at least we think so). Most importantly today, while most businesses are shrinking due to the pandemic, we are aiming for new heights and continuing to grow. 


We are an education company. We sell digital courses and coaching to both beginner and experienced entrepreneurs to help them build online businesses from home (or wherever they choose). In other words, if someone wants to launch an online business and get leads, customers, and sales quickly without all the "fluff", we're it. 


We're officially located in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, because we're a digital company, we primarily work remotely. This means we have team members all across the U.S. and some internationally as well. So if the idea of working from your house is appealing (and not having to report in to some stuffy office), we could be a match made in Heaven!


All day. Every day (okay, primarily between 9AM and 6PM PACIFIC)


We'll get to that in just a bit... 


In case you haven't noticed, we like to do things a bit differently. Here's just a few things that set our sales team a part...

» Chuck the uniform!

Not that we aren't professional (we are), we just don't expect you to dress like it. Do you like suits and ties? Great. Wear em. Feeling like a hoodie and sweats today? Go for it. You're a unique person and we want you to express yourself (within reason) so we're not some stuffy sales office with a chip on our shoulder. 

» No more "pounding the pavement"!

Who has time for attending networking events, knocking on doors, or cold calling leads that have been hammered to death by the guy sitting next to you? That stuff sucks and we know  it.

Instead, we fill up your calendar every day with hot, ready-to-buy customers (not leads) who are eager to speak with you. In fact, they're already fully informed about our products and they paid to speak to you (yes, they pay to talk to you so you know they're serious).  Plainly put, you won't find an easier sales gig anywhere on Earth. Yeah, we looked. 

» Work from anywhere!

While we may require you to travel to Las Vegas from time to time, our team primarily works remotely so if you have a phone, laptop, and a solid internet connection, you're free to work from just about any place you can imagine. Most of us just do it from home (so much for imagination). 



These are our company values and they govern how everything works here at Fullstaq. You should probably read them before you apply. If they sound like music to your ears, then we might be a good fit!

Beyond The Call Of Duty

We take pride in our work so we don't count it by the hours. We count it when the job is done. We do what it takes; late nights, weekends, and holidays too, when the task requires it. We love our mission and the work that we do and it shows.

Data Driven Decisions

Numbers: a universal language that never lies. We don't much care about "feelings" and "gut". At least not as much as we care about the numbers. Every role is measured by data and KPI's. We treat it with care, are accountable to it, and act in accordance with the story it tells.

Slow is smooth; Smooth is fast 

Haste is waste. In an increasingly fast paced world, there has never been more pressure to react fast. While most move quickly, we move smoothly. We choose precision over speed.


We don't shy away from challenges. We rise up to meet them. We step up to bat when called upon. We know that everything is figureoutable. We show courage, resolve, and strength of character at every turn.  

Exceptional Stewards

"If it's to be, it's up to me." We strive to be great stewards of that which is entrusted to us. This belongs to all of us. As leaders, we strive for excellence in our role. We learn and we grow. And we accept responsibility for our experiences. 

No Whiners

We're not sitting around the (virtual) water cooler bitching and moaning about the problems we're facing. We're too damn busy winning. Pain may be inevitable, but suffering is optional. And who's got time for that?


"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" ~ Gandhi
We care about our customers and it shows. It shows in how we show up for them; the energy we bring to every interaction, our willingness to go out of our way to please them, and the effort and love we put into our products and services. 

Feedback for Breakfast

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. It makes us better. Where most are too insecure to hear how they could do better, we demand it. Our ability to do great work is surpassed only by our desire to do even better work in the future. We understand that sometimes that takes tough conversations that swing the pendulum. This ain't the place for the faint hearted. 

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