You’ve launched your online business, and your email list is growing. 

Now it’s time to start turning this asset into a money-making machine!

Some marketers are able to make $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing

But before you start making money from your email list, you’ve got to get them to open your emails, read them, and follow your calls to action. 

The problem is, there are dozens of other marketers flooding each inbox on a daily basis.

So how do you edge out the competition and get the click as a new business owner?

Here’s what we’ve learned after sending 2 million emails PER MONTH and generating tens of millions of dollars from them.

Inbox is king 

If you’re not in the inbox, you’re not being opened.

Getting your email into the inbox is the first step to effective email marketing. 

Here are a few tips to make sure you get past the spam folder and make sure your subscribers can see you. 

Skip the Spam Folder

If your messaging or information in your emails seems misleading, this can make your email look like spam. 

Don’t try to trick people into opening your email by saying one thing in your subject line, and something completely different in the email. 

Make sure your subject lines reflect the content of your emails.

There are also some specific words that tend to get flagged as spam, so try to avoid them. 

You can find a list of words to avoid here.

Also, make sure your from and reply-to addresses are accurate and share your name or the name of your company as the sender. 

These tips can help you avoid the spam folder and hit the inbox

Make it easy to unsubscribe

Why waste time sending emails to someone who’s going to drag down your open and click rates and never take action?

Make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your list. 

Most email marketing platforms will automatically include an unsubscribe option at the bottom of your email to help you out. 

Don’t be afraid to send an “unsubscribe email” every once in a while, asking anyone who doesn’t want to be there to follow the link and remove themselves. 

Also, keep an eye on your replies for anyone who seems angry or annoyed by your emails. 

It may be best to simply unsubscribe these people on your own to avoid complaints. 

Send your emails from a person, not a company

Keala reminds us all the time: The most important factor when people decide to open their emails is the sender!

If your subscribers see your name in their inbox and remember you as a person, they are more likely to open your emails. 

That’s why it helps to use your name instead of a company or brand name when sending your emails. 

Use your name to build trust and familiarity with your subscribers and get more opens

Superior Subject Lines

“Clear is better than clever” – This is another lesson from Keala. 

It’s easy to get caught up trying to create the most unique or fun subject line for your email. 

But just remember this important law of marketing:

Confused people don’t take action. 

While you are learning, keep your subject lines clear and focused on the main benefit you are able to offer your subscribers. 

Also, keep your subject line at 9 words or less so that it will be easy to read at a glance. 

Here’s an amazing (& FREE) tool we use to help determine how effective a subject line will be BEFORE we send an email.

Include Preview Text

Preview text is a short sentence that appears in your subscriber’s inbox right behind the subject line. 

It’s a great way to engage your subscribers before opening and help build the interest that will make them want to read your email. 

If you don’t include preview text in your email, most email platforms will automatically pull text from the body of your email. 

This isn’t necessarily bad, but depending on the content of your email, you could be missing an opportunity to build interest and get more opens. 

After you craft a subject line, add some preview text to build curiosity and persuade people to read your email. 

Sometimes, shorter IS better 

If you’re trying to get more clicks 

Or if you are reaching out to subscribers who are already “pre-sold” on your oferr…

Then it may be best to keep your emails short.

Your subscribers are sifting through so many emails every day.

Short emails mean a smaller commitment of time, energy and attention, and will likely win out over a longer message.  

Take your subject and try talking it out. 

Imagine you are trying to communicate something with a friend in passing, and you only have 30 seconds to get your point across. 

How would you say it?

Keep this framework in mind while writing your emails to keep them short and get more clicks. 

Be selective with your autoresponders 

If you are looking to make money with email marketing, one of the most important decisions you make is the Email Marketing Platform you shoes to use. 

Spend some time investigating to make sure they do what you need. 

Do they allow affiliate marketing?

Do they offer good deliverability?

Do they require double-optins?

Do they provide important data to guide your marketing?

What kind of automation and segmentation can you create?

These features are important to effective email marketing, so make sure you have access to them. 

After sending millions of emails, we recommend Get Response.

Get your free trial by clicking here.


Email marketing is a great way to make money online. 

Generating a return on your investment into your email list depends on getting people to open your emails and follow your call to action. 

Make sure your emails are crafted to reach the inbox and avoid getting flagged as spam.

Give special attention to your subject lines, as they are critical to getting your emails opened. 

Send short emails to get more clicks and communicate with subscribers who are pre-sold on your products. 

And choose the right autoresponder so you have everything you need to email effectively. 

Following these tips can help you start getting better results from your email list. 

Are there any other challenges that you could use some tips and tools for?

Drop a comment to let us know what you’d like to learn. 

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