Creating a business on your own used to be near impossible. 

Manually managing all of the detailed tasks that comes along with attracting new customers alone was more than a full-time job.

But with so many new “tech tools” available, even people with little to no experience can execute and even automate these processes. 

Now what used to be a full-time job can be done in a few hours a day. 

What tools can you use to start an automated online business?

Here’s a peak at some of the basic Digital Marketing Tech that makes building an online business easier than ever.

Page Building Simplified

use a landing page build with templates and tools to make design clean and easy.
Get a Landing Page Builder to simplify “messy” design work.

Years ago you had to know how to code using HTML to build even a simple web page.

Even more recently, only web page designers had the skill and know-how to build effective good-looking websites.

Now you and I can build a beautiful functioning web page in a matter of minutes with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes!


Through Page Builders. 

Page building software like Clickfunnels makes it easier than ever for ordinary people without advanced web design or HTML experience to create simple, good-looking web pages for your business. 

PLUS – these page builders also allow you to connect with other handy tools to help automate many of your marketing operations!


Another “tech tool” that has transformed the way business is done online is called the autoresponder. 

An autoresponder is a tool designed to help you reach people through email. 

Imagine what it would be like to have to email hundreds or thousands of people one-by-one!?

Thankfully, autoresponders like GetResponse have solved that problem.

You can now type up and send an email one time and yet reach as many people as you want to – ALL AT ONCE!

You can even load up some of your best emails to be sent out automatically when someone joins your list or takes another predetermined action. 

If that weren’t enough, autoresponders also help you keep your leads organized. 

With most autoresponders you can tag each person that joins your list and different emails to separate groups of people. 

That way you ensure the right messages are always going to the right people!

sort email leads broadcast emails and send automated messages
Autoresponders help manage your emails leads for you!

Link Tracking

Another great tool that has helped online business owners is the link tracker. 

Link trackers like ClickMagick perform several functions. 

For one, you can connect this with your domain so that all of your links are branded with your name. 

This also protects you when placing ads and sending emails since your links carry the reputation of your domain and look less spammy. 

More importantly though, link trackers help record valuable data you can use to optimize your business. 

By recording clicks to your links, you get insight as to how many people are engaging and following your calls to action.

This data is critical for understanding how your marketing is working so that you can continue to optimize and grow your business. 

The Hard Truth

As much as Digital Tech Tools have made business easier, there is no technology that can completely eliminate stress in our business. 

Check out these tips from Keala on how to manage stress in your life and business:


You’ll always have some stress to deal with when building an online business, but newer “tech tools” have made it easier than ever to get new customers!

Landing Page Builders like ClickFunnels make designing pages and connecting your tools a breeze.

Autoresponders like GetResponse give you a simple way to communicate to all of your clients even if you have multiple brands. 

Link trackers like ClickMagick help protect your brand and track your data so you know where to make adjustments in order to grow. 

Using these simple tools can help you start building your own online business in your spare time.

Are there any tips and tricks you want that might help you build your online business?

Drop a comment to let us know what you’d like to learn. 

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