Content is a keystone of marketing. It doesn’t matter how much you may have. You can always use more. This is how we build relationships with our audiences.

This is a skill that all content marketers should learn. Content is a great way to deliver information to your audience. It builds relationships and increases engagement.

How do you create content? That’s what we will be talking about today. Let’s get started!

News and Stories

I am sure you are on social media. Do you ever see companies report breaking news? Sometimes it’s actually breaking news according to the relevance to the niche. Sometimes it is curated content.

Publishing news-focused content is a great way to deliver information. You can do this by summarizing articles that your audience may find helpful. This saves them time. 

They will not have to search through tons of articles. Instead, you will provide the information. You will become their reliable source for news and information. You’ll be able to build a great relationship with your audience this way.

Multimedia Content

This form of content is extremely hot in marketing currently. This involves using audio and visual formats. You can even make these interactable through social media platforms.

The most popular platform at the moment is TikTok. This app enables you to mix snippets of popular songs to a video you record.

An example of this would be showing you using a product. Then add a soundtrack to it. Publish it and you have created a miniature commercial. There is also app software you can buy to edit your video and add special effects.

You can do this through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat as well. The cool part is if you make the content, you can post it to any platform.


Research content can be a useful tool. This can be used to back up points of your brand’s opinions and statements. 

For instance, let’s say I am using a new email strategy and I say it’s working. Because I say it’s working and show you a couple of screenshots, it doesn’t mean you will take my word for it.

This is where the research comes in. You might have gotten this strategy from another business. You might have done a bunch of research and figured it out yourself. Regardless there was some research done.

You can use these findings to help validate your strategy. You can make a factbook or report. Then share it with your audience.

Roundups of Examples or Advice

This is an add on to the previous topic. You can use third party examples and content. You can use these to help back up your claims and show how similar ideas were executed as well. Adding this proof will help persuade your audience on top of the research.

User Generated Content

This can work in a couple of ways. The first way is swapping with other marketers that you know. If you know anyone that is in the same niche, ask them if they want to trade. Not only does this save you time on creating. It also saves them time. It’s a win-win for both sides.

The second is by your audience or someone you may see in another group you may be in. People on social media are always creating content. There is always something you can grab. It could be a meme. It could be a video. It could be a podcast. If it’s on the internet, it’s up for grabs unless it is copyrighted. If you do use someone else’s content, make sure you acknowledge and give them credit if you can.

So there you go. You should have enough ways now to generate a ton of content. So get started. I hope this helped you! ‘Till next time!!!