Acquiring customers for your online business is a process. 

That’s because most people don’t buy an offer the first time they see it.

Experts say it takes an average of 5 exposures before a prospect is willing to buy from you, which is why Lead Gen is so important. 

Capturing leads allows you to expose people to your offer or offers as many times as you want. 

So how do you start capturing leads?

Here’s some basic tips to help you get your first leads.

Attract Leads with a “Magnet”

In order to capture leads, you must have something to offer them. 

Often we call this a lead magnet. 

A lead magnet can be anything that you’re willing to offer your prospect in exchange for their information and continued attention. 

The most popular lead magnet is simply an e-book which promises to teach them how to achieve a specific goal that they want. 

It could also be a mini-video course, or checklist – anything that helps the prospect get closer to what they want and farther away from what they don’t want. 

Go here to check out these 5 lead magnet ideas. 

Even though a lead magnet doesn’t have to be free, that is most common and helps you acquire leads at a lower cost while building a relationship with the client by helping them improve their lives without charging them anything. 

Just make sure your lead magnet is something valuable to your prospect and make sure it stands out from the other offers they are seeing everyday online. 

A lead magnet can be offered through any traffic source. 

You can send people to an opt-in page to get your lead magnet from paid ads. 

You can also create a floating banner on your blog if you choose to. 

You might also want to include a link to your opt-in page on your social media profile so that anyone curious enough has the opportunity to opt-in and get it. 

You can even offer it to folks you interact with in groups and forums as you are doing your research

Create a valuable lead magnet and make it available for anyone who is interested. 

Help Prospects Land on your List

A landing page is simply the page your client lands on after taking an action. 

For this context, the landing page will be the page your prospect visits to get their hands on your lead magnet. 

You’ll want to ask them for some information so that you can remain in contact with them. 

There are several factors to consider when building your landing page and asking for information from your prospect. 

The value of your lead magnet:

The more valuable your lead magnet is to your client, the more information you can get. 

Consider this when deciding whether to offer an e-book or a mini-video course or something entirely different. 

How valuable is this to my prospect? 

What can I reasonably ask for in exchange?

By collecting more information you make it possible to reach your client in different ways (like sms) and send them more personalized emails (based on location or even their birthday)

As a general rule though, the more information you ask for, the harder it will be to convert traffic into a lead. 

On the other hand, the leads you do convert will likely be more qualified and more likely to buy. 

The standard “ask” is simply for name and email address. 

That way you can reach your lead and personalize your emails with their first name for better connection without creating unnecessary friction. 

Landing Page Content: 

Use the landing page to remind your client of the benefits of your lead magnet. 

Make sure the design is simple and pointing to a single call to action. 

If you confuse your clients with multiple Calls-To-Action then conversions will suffer. 

Set Up the Sale

Now that you have new leads flowing in, make sure that you set them up for the sales!

Craft your lead magnet so that it’s written in a way that builds authority while developing a relationship with your leads.

Since your first emails will often have the best open rates, use these opportunities to introduce yourself, maybe with a short video, so that you become more than just a voice on the internet

Go here for more tips on keeping your email list engaged.

(Check out this video from Keala to help you close more sales)


Capturing leads is critical to getting sales and maintaining your online business. 

Creating a tantalizing lead magnet is an important first step to getting people into your leads list. 

Give some attention to your landing page design so prospects have a clear call to action. 

Once you have your leads, make sure you set them up for the sale by building a relationship and providing value. 

Follow these steps to get your first leads and start building your online business!

Are there any other strategies that might help you along your journey?

Drop a comment to let us know what you’d like to learn. 

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