About US

At Fullstaq Marketer

It is about vision, creation, and innovation however, what’s at the top of our priorities is making a difference.

Our leadership team’s focus is on the impact we create in the marketplace and the lives we positively contribute to.

We’ve assembled a team of individuals with exceptional talent but most importantly, exceptional character. You deserve the best and we’re proud to provide that.

Our Awesome Team

Keala Kanae

CEO & Founder

Keala Kanae believes that Giving IS Gaining, Win-Win is ALWAYS the answer and Love will save the world! As an Entrepreneur, he combines his passions for Social Media Marketing and Personal Development into one unbeatable success breeding machine. As a Personal Growth Facilitator, Coach, Blogger and Marketer, he has a passion for inspiring others to achieve the highest of their human potential.

Ray Kakuda

Chief Operating Officer

Ray Kakuda started his online career back in 2013 while searching for a way to escape the corporate rat race of 25 years. Through mastering the skills necessary to create a 6-figure income online, he was able to fully retire and become a full-time husband and father. Today, Ray has planted his flag at Fullstaq Marketer as the COO where he aspires to inspire others to create their own freedom.

Cara Yamaguchi Kakuda

Director of Sales & People Development

With over 20 years of sales design, support, and corporate management with specialties in the communications arena, Cara Yamaguchi Kakuda believes that assisting others is the key to success. She has won multiple awards in the areas of leadership, sales, retention and entrepreneurial excellence by abiding by the principle “If you take care of them, they will take care of you”. Cara holds a Bachelors of Science in Economics and invests her spare time building up her kids, as well as other women, to be strong entrepreneurs.


Let's Make a Real Change Together!