What is a Lead Magnet? It’s an irresistible bribe. A freebie with a specific chunk of value. You offer your lead magnet to a visitor in exchange for their contact information.

Specificity is the number one factor when developing a lead magnet. Do not create something broad. You want to offer something that solves a specific problem. That’s why they are visiting your page after all. Make sure it’s targeted to a specific audience, and tailor it to their needs.

Value is the 2nd most important factor. You want the perceived value to be high. The actual value needs to be just as high as well. If you are marketing something that is bad, you are going to be perceived equally as bad.

Cheat Sheets and Checklists

They are easy to consume and valuable. Most people don't want a PDF or EBook, since it takes too much time. They may or may not have the time to read these.

The best way to come up with a cheat sheet is by figuring out what your audience’s needs and wants are. Ask yourself why they would be coming to you in the first place. When you figure this out, put the basics to solve them in a nice and easy to use reference guide. Pretty simple right?

Checklists are a little different. They can be more effective. They make sure the task gets done correctly the first time. They leave little room for error. Regardless of whatever industry you are in, you can create a useful checklist.

When putting a checklist together, make sure it’s for tasks that people actually do. An easy way to check out and test this out is by thinking of a simple task. Like making a ham sandwich. You may think of it as putting ham, cheese, and mustard on the sandwich. But then you are missing steps. Like where did you get the bread from? How did you get the ham out? How did you apply the mustard? I know it sounds silly, but the more detailed the less room for error. Make sure to write these steps down in sequential order.


People love templates. They are the ultimate shortcut for your audience. People see these and view them like finding buried treasure. Everyone wants a shortcut. You can get the same result and cut out certain processes to save you time and money.

You want to ask yourself  “What is something that my target audience can just fill in and immediately implement into their business?”. It’s kind of like those old Mad Lib books they use to have at Cracker Barrel. All the main stuff is already done for you. You plug in the key parts that are tailored for their businesses.

Video Training

This is not talking about webinars. People view these as events. Just because they say no to attending, doesn’t mean that they are disinterested. They may not have the time to attend. They could have something planned on that date. 

This is where video training comes in. On-demand and limited-time training videos are a game-changer. Take a piece of video content that you have already created. Once you do that, ask people to register to watch that content. The catch here is that it's limited-time access. The  “limited time access” is a great method to ensure people will take action. The secret here is you never take away the access, once they are signed up. So they can watch it as many times as needed.

Remember they are still evaluating the content. Make sure to make your content good, The better the content, the more likely they will be to continue coming back. Keep your tribe happy, and they are more likely to buy the products and services you are selling. 

Free Shipping and Discounts

Coupons are not lead magnets. Free Shipping & Discounts you are able to position as a lead magnet. This is more for e-commerce as well as brick and mortar businesses. You may not have an ability for a lead magnet here.

They are already on your site for a reason. You do not want them to leave. You also want to incentivize their decisions of making a purchase.

The strategy is simple. Offer them free shipping or a discount for their information. 

They liked you enough to buy once. Now that you have their email address you can inform them of new products they may be interested in. They will be more likely to come back and buy again.  

Swipe Files

If you have any experience in internet marketing, you know the importance of email marketing. You more than likely have a folder or spreadsheet with a bunch of swipe files.

Finding someone to write copy isn’t hard. It does cost money and it does take time to produce. This is a very tasty offer. 

More than likely you might have burnt out an email or two to your list. It may not work with your list anymore, but it doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else’s.

Someone is more willing to trade their email in exchange for their time and money. It’s a win-win for both parties involved.

So there you have it. These are the five lead magnets anyone can use. I hope you find this information helpful. ‘Till next time!