As a Digital Marketer, copywriting is one of the most powerful skills that will lead you to success. 

The words you use to speak to your audience, your prospects and your leads will have a huge impact on whether they become paying customers or go cold on your brand or offer. 

The problem is that not everyone considers themself a “writer” and it can be tough as a beginner to know what to say and how to say. 

Mastery takes time but it can be helpful to have a starting point to help you get past the writer's blog and start communicating with your audience. 

Here’s 4 Basic tips to consider when writing copy as a beginner.

Do Your Research

People buy from those that they know, like, and trust. 

Building this relationship with people you’ve never met can be challenging, which is why research is a must. 

Getting to know your audience will help you identify what’s important to them, what problems they are struggling with, and how those problems are affecting them. 

When you use this information as you write, you show that you’ve taken the time to understand what’s going on for them which naturally helps develop that know, like, and trust factor. 

Research also shows you how to speak to your audience. 

Do they want facts and numbers or will an emotional appeal work better? 

Do they respond to casual or formal conversation?

What kind of knowledge do they expect from someone in order to trust them?

Doing your research will allow you to reach your prospects more effectively and persuade them with your words.

Tell a Story

It’s one thing to tell people about your product or service. 

It’s a whole other thing to SHOW them how that product or service will change their life. 

Storytelling has been a part of our lives as humans for a long time, and when told well, our brains can’t distinguish between a real life experience and what we’re being told in a story.

If you tell your prospects a good story, they can almost experience the transformation your product or service will provide for them!

This takes your offer from being simple a list of details to being a real addition to their life and more desirable to purchase.

Use Story to make your offer REAL for your audience.

Use Emotion

Buying (like any action) is an emotional decision.

In order to sell effectively, you’ll need to tap into the emotions of your prospect. 

Remember – any valuable offer solves a problem for someone. 

Take some time to go beyond the surface and understand how the problem they are facing makes them feel. 

That way you have a better idea of how to tap into the emotion they are feeling. 

Then you can figure out the emotion they want to feel and use copywriting to show them how your offer will help create that feeling for them. 

When prospects can clearly see how your offer helps them escape an emotional state they don’t want and achieve an emotional state they do want, they will be more compelled to buy.

Provide Clear Direction

Provide clear direction to show prospects how to get to the emotional state they desire

Once you’ve connected with your audience and moved them emotionally, you have to tell them what to do next. 

You do this by including a Call To Action (CTA).

Be careful not to settle for vague or unclear directions when crafting a call to action, because this will prevent people from taking the action you want.

Remember this – Confusion kills sales.

How do you prevent confusions and deliver a clear call to action?

Do your best to give your prospects ONE action to take at a time. 

Do you want them to type in their email and opt-in to your list?

Give them clear directions to take that one action before delivering another. 

Would you also like them to buy your product?

Wait until they have opted in, and then you can expose them to your offer with a simple call to action like “Buy Now”. 

Having a clear call to take a single action is a critical element to any copy that will help you get paid!


(Here’s some exercises from Keala to help you become a better copywriter)

Copywriting is a critical skill for anyone looking to create a successful business online. 

Doing your research and getting to know your audience will help you connect with them and figure out exactly what to say. 

Presenting your message in the form of a story will help you prospects experience how much better their lives will be with your offer. 

Tapping into the emotions that your prospects want to get away from and the emotions they want to move toward will help move them to purchase as well. 

And all good copy includes clear direction so people know exactly what to do next without getting confused. 

Keep these basic tips in mind while crafting your message to convince more people to take action and buy!

Is there any other tips or techniques that might help you along your journey?

Drop a comment to let us know what you’d like to learn. 

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